Establishment: 19th June 2002
Paid-up capital: US$8,000,000

Perstima (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2002 as the first Tinplate manufacturer in Vietnam and started its commercial operation in October 2003, and after revamping the line in April 2008, Tin Free Steel was added as its product.

Perstima (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. has a coating line combined with the Halogen Type Continuous Electrolytic Tinning Line and Tin Free Steel (ECCS) Line with rated capacity of 130,000 metric tons per annum and has been supplying prime grade Tinplates and TFS to the customers in domestic and overseas.

Perstima (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is located in Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park in Binh Duong Province which is 30km north of central Ho Chi Minh City and represents the most modern industrial park in Vietnam.

Perstima (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is 100% owned by Perusahaan Sadur Timah Malaysia (PERSTIMA) Berhad, having the meaning of Malaysian Tinplate Manufacturing Company and can be called as Perstima Berhad in abbreviated form.

Perstima Berhad is also the sole tinplate manufacturer in Malaysia established in 1979 and is listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). It’s now having a production capacity of 170,000 metric ton per annum.

Perstima Berhad is a three-nation joint venture involving Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. One of main shareholders, JFE Steel Corporation in Japan is the one of the largest steel mills in the world. Tinplate and TFS manufacturing technology of both Perstima Berhad and Perstima (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is well supported by JFE Steel Corporation.

With a team dedicated workforce as well as technical back up from Japanese steel mill, we are confident that our customer shall get Tinplate/ TFS quality and services comparable to the best in the world.